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RETAY was founded in 2006 with a mission to set a new standard of excellence in the Turkish firearms industry. Today, over 10 years later, “The Dreams Are Coming True”. RETAY has established a solid reputation worldwide with innovative designs, quality craftsmanship and industry leading products.It remains our central mission to promote our future growth by manufacturing the best, most beautiful, and highest quality firearms in the world. Our products are designed and manufactured using the most sophisticated modern techniques, machines and materials available. We employ a dynamic, skilled workforce including talented teams of designers, engineers, and craftsmen who take pride in producing world class products for our customers to enjoy. Delivering the highest quality products to our customers is our top priority. Our commitment to high quality standards is archived by implementing strict, industry leading quality control processes that involve rigorous production oversight and regular interval testing during all phases of the manufacturing process. All of our manufacturing, production and assembly processes are completed “in house” at our state of the art headquarters facility in the beautiful city of Konya, located in central Turkey. Housing our executive leadership, design department and manufacturing under the same roof gives us total control over the quality of our products and it offers us the ability to quickly respond to the needs of our customers worldwide. We always keep our eyes on the future. Our management promotes a company culture that emphasizes innovation and we strive to develop products that are based on the desires and needs of our consumers. We value our customers and seek ways to engage them in the development of new products that provide the highest level of value to them.

Retay / Retay USA reserves the right to make modifications to the products shown in this website at anytime without prior notice. The finishing, color and patterns shown are approximate, as printed reproduction causes inevitable color differences. The illustrations and descriptions contained in this website are only provided as an indication. Copy Right © 2010 - 2019 By Retay USA. All Rights Reserved. "Retay", "Inertia Plus", and "Masai Mara" Are TRADEMARKS of  Retay STI, LTD, Konya Turkey and may not be used without express written permission.