In very rare instances failure of the cross bolt safety button on the Masai Mara shotgun have been reported.

On April 6th 2020 Retay USA received notice from a customer that the safety button on his Retay Masai Mara shotgun was defective.

He reported that he was able to fire his shotgun while the cross bolt trigger safety was engaged in the "SAFE" position.

This is the first report of this kind to be received by RETAY USA to date and we do not anticipate this type of failure to be widespread.

Never the less, at Retay USA we take the safety of our customers and the public very seriously. Out of an abundance of caution, we encourage all those in possession of RETAY shotguns to safely test the effectiveness of the cross bolt safety on their Retay Firearms to ensure they will not fire when in the "safe" position.

A test can be preformed as follows:

  1. First: be sure to point the muzzle of your firearm in a safe direction.

  2. Second: place the cross bolt trigger safety in the "SAFE" position. ( in the SAFE position, the red painted ring around the safety button will NOT be visible on the left or right side of the trigger guard )

  3. Third: physically check to be sure the firearm is unloaded. If not, unload the firearm making sure that both the chamber and magazine tube contain no ammunition.

  4. Fourth: cycle the bolt back and then forward so that the hammer is cocked and the bolt is closed and ready as if to be fired.

  5. Fifth: check again that the muzzle of the firearm is pointed in a safe direction and squeeze the trigger.

If the cross bolt trigger safety is operating properly you will not hear the "click" of the hammer and the trigger will not move.

If the safety is defective you will fell the trigger move backward and hear the "click" of the hammer dropping as though the gun was dry fired. In this case please contact customer service imminently at 800-977-5749

Retay USA will replace any trigger group that has a defective cross bolt trigger safety at no charge. In most cases you will not have to send your shotgun back to RETAY USA.

Product safety has always been and will always be Retay USA's number one priority. All shotguns shipped by Retay USA and RETAY Arms are function tested for safety prior to being shipped to our customers. However, our shotguns are the product of human hands and tests are carried out by humans who can make mistakes.

We are taking steps with our production team and our quality control teams to address how this defective safety could have gotten into the market and how to mitigate the chance of defects of this kind making into the market in the future.

As always we remind our customers and the shooting public, that mechanical safety devises on firearms are never 100% reliable.

The only way to avoid accidental injury or death from the unintended discharge of a firearm is to keep the firearms pointed in a safe direction away from people or anything which you do not intend to shoot. Always keep firearms unloaded until you are ready to fire them and NEVER store your firearms loaded.

Always seek training on how to operate your firearm from a trained professional. A list of training professional can be found here.


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