The Antalya SS is Retay’s signature limited edition offering, designed for the shooter who desires a single platform that can cross over from clay target competition to the upland hunting field.

The Antalya SS is packed with premium features that make it as beautiful to admire as it is to shoot.  Powered by Retay’s “Straight Line “ Inertial Transfer ™  System paired to the patented “Inertia Plus” bolt/”rollover” Torsion Spring Action ™, the Antalya has been tuned specifically to perform with target and upland game loads giving this shotgun the edge in a broad range of hunting and shooting scenarios. The lightweight three-piece receiver combines an alloy lower receiver with an aluminum upper receiver shroud and steel chamber insert to make the Antalya a joy to carry in the field. The receiver is fitted with the premium “plastic-free” trigger and integrated trigger guard and offers patented “Two Second” Push-Button Trigger Group Removal for easy cleaning or swapping of triggers.

The “Dead-Straight” Deep Bore Drilled Barrel ™ is tuned for maximum performance and offers “On Target” No-Float Aiming ™ and Retay’s “Out Of The Box” Factory -Lengthened Forcing Cone ™ . The Antalya SS styling is breathtaking with a spectacular, all-natural, unenhanced “No Compromise” Turkish -Oiled Walnut Stock and Fore-End ™ in Grade 4 with Premium “Black-Chrome” Barrel Finish.  The Antalya SS comes with a certificate that describes its limited production capped yearly at 200 pieces, hard case, shim kit, 5 choke tubes and Retay’s 5-Year Limited Warranty backed by our US-based service team that offers customer service second to none!