Here’s Why: Two Big Differences!

RETAY is far more consistent too, with shot-to-shot variability that is over 67% better than other performance shotgun brands.

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Ambassadors holding Retay Shotguns

The three advantages of Retay’s patented
Inertia Plus Rotating Bolt

  1. Full lock-up with the breech, every time (eliminates out of battery misfires, a common problem with other inertia shotguns)
  2. No bolt rattle
  3. Bolt can be slowly and quietly closed

RETAY Masai Mara Grey Light

No more lost shot opportunities

Due to the action on your shotgun being jarred out of battery

If you’ve hunted with one of the big name brand shotguns you know they can be jarred out of battery. This can cost you a shot opportunity at the most inopportune time. Retay’s patented Inertia Plus™ action fully eliminates this problem and ensures quiet, rattle free operation, too.

Ambassador with Retay Shotguns
Ambassador with Turkey holding Retay Shotguns
Dennis Lossier hunting gear brand ambassador

Dennis Lossier

Dr. Duck

Bill Campbell hunting gear brand ambassador

Bill Campbell

Dr. Duck

Brooks Tinsley hunting gear brand ambassador

Brooks Tinsley

Lost Brake

Archie Bradley hunting gear brand ambassador

Archie Bradley

Crash Landing

What people are saying about RETAY Shotguns

i’ve been shooting this gun for a year now. a full year of my own personal testing and putting it through more than most do. I must say, it earned its spot on the list of go-to guns. One full season and no problems. If you’re looking for a new forever gun. I’d definitely put Retay at the top of that list.

Nick Strba

The more I shot the Retay the more I thought, I really like this gun. From what I have seen of this gun so far, it looks like a winner

Phil Bourjaily – Field Editor, Shotguns, Field & Stream

The Retay Masai Mara has easier loading than standard Benelli’s and improves upon the basic inertia fodder with elimination of the Benelli click. Retay’s also do not have the point of impact problems of many Benelli-stamped shotguns.

Randy Wakeman, Randy Wakeman Outdoors

My Retay has performed beyond my expectations In every degree, from the first pull of the trigger to the last one on the final day of the season. In between those trigger pulls was lots of rain, mud, freezing temperatures, heat, swamps, and other less than ideal conditions. My gun went bang every time and performed flawlessly

Chad Hodge

No IFs ANDs or BUTs about it. A shotgun is a tool…be sure to get one that works, every time. Get a Retay! I’ve spent 3 years beating and banging on these shotguns both duck and turkey hunting without a single issue.

Blake Hodge

Amazing! Love their product! I have the Gordion and I’m so happy! I show it off to anyone who will look! Also great customer service! Emailed and asked and boom had a response answering all my questions within a few hours on a Sunday! Only shotgun I’ll ever buy, hands down. I’ll continue to show it off and push their brand!

Eric Pressley

One of the best shotguns I’ve ever owned! I definitely recommend Retay

Josh Callahan

Bought a Retay Masai Mara in December. Best shotgun I have ever hunted with. Very impressive workmanship.

Stephen Jones

Retay shotguns are nothing less than game-changing. Over the years, I’ve owned or shot nearly every gun on the market, looking for the perfect gun. Retay has hit the nail on the head with a lightweight, light recoiling, well-pointing gun that is also top-tier quality without being accompanied by a top-tier price tag.

Randy Ross

I would put Retay up against any shotgun on the market. the fit and finish is equal to guns almost twice its cost.

Dale Weems

Welcome to Retay, where we’ve redefined the semi-auto shotgun experience. Our commitment to
performance shines through in every shot. With deep-bore drilled barrels and factory-lengthened forcingcones, Retay shotguns deliver over 20% more pellets in the kill zone and a remarkable 67% improvement in shot-to-shot consistency. That’s a true performance in every round! Explore our exceptional range of shotguns, including the Masai Mara Cerakote, Walnut, Synthetic, and Turkey models, as well as the Gordion series shotguns like Walnut, Synthetic, Compact Adjustable, and Turkey. We have locations across the United States, with our office at PO BOX 281, EASTON, MARYLAND 21601. Don’t miss our GPS- XL and GPS-XL Turkey models or the reliable GPS and Antalya shotguns.