Masai Mara Turkey

The Retay Masai Mara shotgun is a tool designed to withstand the rigors of hunting in the most challenging environments. Powered by Retay’s “Straight Line “ Inertial Transfer ™  System paired to the patented “Inertia Plus” bolt/”rollover” Torsion Spring Action ™ . The Masai Mara is packed with features designed to make it “go bang” every time while making it the most user friendly and easy-to-field service shotgun on the market.

The receiver is a mix of alloy and steel designed in a two-piece configuration that allows easy cleaning and access to the inner workings of the receiver and chamber, while the patented “Two-Second” Push-Button Trigger Group Removal ™ allows access to all the inner workings of the trigger group without the need for tools of any kind. The “Dead-Straight” Deep Bore Drilled Barrel ™ and “out of the box” factory lengthened forcing cone ™  offer the densest most accurate shot placement for “On Target” No Float Aiming ™. The Masai Masa shotgun is offered in 12ga 3.5” chamber and 20ga 3” and is finished in several finish options. Each Masai Mara mossy oak obsession comes complete with 5 choke tubes, a choke wrench, shim kit, hard case, and Retay’s 5-Year Limited Warranty backed by our US-based service team that offers customer service second to none!