Gordion Synthetic

The Gordion semi-automatic shotgun is currently RETAY’s lightest weight platform. Like the Masai Mara, it features our stout “Straight Line” Inertia Transfer ™  Action, coupled with our patented “Inertia Plus” bolt/Rollover Torsion Spring Action ™.   The Gordion is built around our time-tested single-piece, all-alloy receiver, a Premium “Plastic-Free” Receiver, Trigger, and Integrated Trigger Guard ™ and features Retay’s “Easy Out” Magazine Unloading ™ system.

The heart of the Gordion is the “dead straight deep bore barrel” ™  which provides the densest most accurate shot placement possible, and comes chambered in 12ga 3” and 20ga 3”. From the duck blind to clays competition, the Gordion is packed with high-performance features that make it a best-in-class shotgun that excels in all shooting environments. Each Gordion real tree for sale comes complete with 5 choke tubes, a choke wrench, shim kit, and Retay’s 5-Year Limited Warranty backed by our US-based service team that offers customer service second to none!